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CFD Share Trading

Share trading overview

The stock market is extremely volatile, presenting both risks and opportunities to alert traders. For years, share trading was only done by banks and major investors, but today, many people all over the world are trading shares from home, through their PC or mobile devices. They conduct research and use information they find on financial sites and even on the news to make more informed trading decisions.

Trading shares in the form of CFDs

By trading shares online in the form of CFDs, you have the opportunity to trade the price of various shares without actually owning them. At Vestle, you can trade share CFDs of many major brands such as Apple, Google, BMW, Walt Disney and numerous others. Our share CFDs cover different markets regions and industries, allowing for portfolio diversification and better risk management. 

Share trading overview

Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
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Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change

Short trading vs. long trading

Online traders can take advantage of every change in the price of a specific share, up or down. They can choose to ‘Buy’ (long) or ‘Sell’ (short), trading in any direction, regardless of whether the share is losing or gaining value.

Opening a share CFD deal with Vestle

The Vestle trading platform and mobile app enable you to trade via PC, smartphone or tablet. Want to open a deal on share CFDs? simply…
  1. Choose a share CFD
  2. Set your deal size
  3. Choose direction (Buy or Sell)
  4. Open your deal 

Our platforms offer all the trading tools you need to manage and monitor multiple deals and we offer many information resources including an Economic Calendar, live rates and various market indicators for your convenience.

Factors that could affect share price include:

  • Earnings reports
  • Politics
  • Geopolitical events
  • Interest rate decision
  • Natural disasters
  • Technological changes
  • Competition
  • Changes in taxation
Factors that could affect share price include:

Leveraged share trading

When you trade share CFDs with Vestle, you can use leverage, a popular trading tool that enhances your trading power, as well as risk.
Here’s a quick example:
With a €500 investment, you can open a deal worth up to €2,500 using leverage of 5:1.
As you can see, leverage allows you to open large deals with a relatively small investment, but since it’s also risky, it needs to be used with sufficient training and knowledge.

Leveraged share trading

Most popular share CFDs

Alphabet Inc, Symbol: GOOG, Class: C, Country: US, Currency: USD
Amazon Inc, Symbol: AMZN, Country: US, Currency: USD
Apple Inc, Symbol: AAPL, Country: US, Currency: USD
Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria SA, Symbol: BBVA, Country: Spain, Currency: EUR
Banco Santander
Banco Santander SA, Symbol: SAN, Country: Spain, Currency: EUR
Cisco Systems Inc, Symbol: CSCO, Country: US, Currency: USD
The Coca-Cola Co, Symbol: KO, Country: US, Currency: USD
Daimler AG, Symbol: DAI, Country: Germany, Currency: EUR
Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank AG, Symbol: DBK, Country: Germany, Currency: EUR
Eni SpA, Symbol: ENI, Country: Italy, Currency: EUR
Facebook Inc, Symbol: FB, Country: US, Currency: USD
International Business Machines Corp, Symbol: IBM, Country: US, Currency: USD
Intel Corp, Symbol: INTC, Country: US, Currency: USD
Intesa Sanpaolo
Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, Symbol: ISP, Country: Italy, Currency: EUR
McDonald's Corp, Symbol: MCD, Country: US, Currency: USD
Microsoft Corp, Symbol: MSF, Country: US, Currency: USD
Pfizer Inc, Symbol: PFE, Country: US, Currency: USD
Siemens AG, Symbol: SIE, Country: Germany, Currency: EUR
Telefonica SA, Symbol: TEF, Country: Spain, Currency: EUR
Twitter Inc, Symbol: TWTR, Country: US, Currency: USD
UniCredit SpA, Symbol: UCG, Country: Italy, Currency: EUR