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Below you'll find the requirements for becoming a Professional Client. if you are interested in applying and qualify, you will be able to trade without margin calls and with substantially higher leverage. Let's begin...

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Leverage and margin for Professional Traders

Increased leverage rates

As a professional trader, you will enjoy higher leverage rates on many CFDs. This increases your trading power, as well as risk.

Instruments Retail trading rates Professional traders (As high as)
Major currency pairs 30:1 400:1
Non-major currencies 20:1 400:1
Gold 20:1 400:1
Major indices 20:1 200:1
Non-major indices and commodities 10:1 400:1
Cryptos 2:1 10:1
Shares and ETFs 5:1 20:1

Please note

As a professional trader, you would not be affected by the new ESMA measures. This also means professional traders do not enjoy the protection of the investor compensation fund and may be required to waive other retail client protections. For more information, please refer to our client categorization policy.

Want to be categorized as a professional trader?

If you consider yourself a professional trader and would like to be categorized as such, contact your account manager or send a written request to apply for categorization as a Professional Trader.

In order to be categorized as a professional trader, you must meet at least two of the requirements listed below:

  • You have carried out CFD transactions of a significant size, at an average frequency of 10 per quarter over the previous four quarters

  • The size of your financial instrument portfolio, defined as including financial instruments and cash deposits, exceeds 500,000 Euros

  • You work or have worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position, which requires knowledge of the transactions or services offered by Vestle

During the assessment, you will be required to provide us with evidence proving that you meet the above-mentioned requirements.

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