Terms of Use

The use of this website is subject to that stated in this document and form agreement and an obligation on the part of the customer:

Information reliability and trustworthiness

  1. The information in the site is based on the data received from available and recognized sources, from reports, and/or from other sources regarded as reliable. However, the information has not been verified and/or checked by us, and we make no pretensions to presenting it as complete, accurate, or reliable.
  2. Vestle is not responsible for damage of any kind liable to be caused as a result of use of the website and/or of the information presented in it because of malfunctions and/or unavailability of the website including its various services, either because of a failure of the Internet and/or of the computers of the Internet suppliers and/or the Vestle computers and/or the customer's computer.
  3. In all cases of contradiction and/or incompatibility between the information appearing in the website and the information recorded in Vestle's books, the information recorded in Vestle's books shall take precedence. Vestle shall not bear responsibility for damage and/or losses of any kind liable to be caused as a result of reliance on the information appearing in the website.


This website, the information, the programs that may be downloaded from it, and additional elements advertised in it, are subject to and protected by the international copyright laws. Use of the website is subject to making fair use only in accordance with these laws. It is not permitted to copy, change, distribute, or make commercial use of the information except with permission of the holders of the copyright.

Change of conditions

Vestle has the right to change the website from time to time, including adding and/or discontinuing services and/or changing instructions and conditions of use of the website and/or discontinuing the activities of the website in whole or part, at its sole discretion. The customer shall have no complaint, claim, or right to indemnification of any kind for damage that he claims was caused to him because of the change.

Documentation and AML (Anti Money Laundering) Rules

Vestle is committed to comply with Anti Money Laundering Rules (AML Rules) and does its best efforts to verify the identity of its client. Being a client of Vestle you are kindly requested to provide valid copies of a set of documents. Clients who fail to provide such valid copies within 14 days since the time of their account activations - may have their account blocked until such documents are e-mailed or faxed to our compliance department. (You may contact us for any questions in this request by e-mail: compliance@vestle.com).

Third party programs

The website may permit the downloading of programs. Vestle and/or the software manufacturer are not responsible for damage of any kind liable to be caused as a result of the said downloading of programs and/or as a result of use of any program downloaded from the website.

The customer's undertaking regarding the conditions of use and the validity of agreements

These conditions of use are in addition to the contract signed between Vestle and the customer, and this document does not change or cancel any condition of this contract.

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