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Cryptocurrency CFD Trading

Cryptocurrency trading overview

A few years back, if you talked about virtual currencies or blockchains, most people wouldn’t have a clue of what you’re talking about. Recently though, it seems that everyone is discussing cryptocurrencies, their prices and their future.
Virtually unaffected by governments and central banks, cryptos offer a new way to pay for services, and serve as a new tradable instrument. They create both new opportunities and new risks in the online trading arena, and just like many other instruments, they can also be traded at Vestle in the form of CFDs.

Trading cryptos in the form of CFDs

Vestle enables you to trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies in the form of CFDs. You can trade from your PC, or download our mobile app and trade via your smartphone or tablet. Our trading platform is equipped with advanced trading tools for your convenience, and you are invited to access a variety of educational resources and expand your knowledge.
At Vestle you can trade several crypto CFDs including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple, against the euro, US Dollar or the Japanese yen. You can focus your attention on one or several cryptocurrencies, or you could choose to diversify your portfolio by trading various instruments from our selection of hundreds of CFDs.

Cryptocurrency trading overview

Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
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Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change

Short trading vs. long trading

At Vestle, you can trade whether you believe the price of a specific crypto CFD will rise or fall. When trading CFDs, you are able to trade in any direction, up or down, potentially taking advantage of price decreases as well as increases. Think the price will increase? Open a ‘Buy’ position. Think it will decrease? Open a ‘Sell’ position.

Opening a cryptocurrency CFD deal with Vestle

Our trading platforms are cutting-edge, but they are also user-friendly, allowing you to manage your portfolio with minimal hassle. In order to open a cryptocurrency CFD deal with Vestle, simply…
  1. Choose a cryptocurrency CFD
  2. Set your deal size
  3. Choose direction (Buy or Sell)
  4. Open your deal 
Remember: Limit orders such as Take Profit and Stop Loss allow you to better control your funds by helping you to better manage your risks.

For online traders, information is a valuable tool and - depending on your chosen trading strategy - we offer many resources that can assist you in making informed trading decisions. You’re invited to view the economic calendar, use various indicators or access educational resources at your own leisure.

Factors that could affect cryptocurrency prices include:

  • Supply
  • Demand
  • New regulations
  • Security breaches
  • Competition
  • Sentiment
Factors that could affect cryptocurrency prices include:

Leveraged cryptocurrency trading

When you trade Bitcoin, Litecoin or other cryptos with Vestle, you can use leverage. This trading tool enables you to open larger deals than a smaller investment would normally allow. Leverage increases your trading power, but at the same time it also increases risk. Keep that in mind and only use it with sufficient knowledge and understanding.
Here’s a quick example:
With a €500 investment, you can open deals worth up to €1,000 on cryptos, using leverage of 2:1.

Leveraged cryptocurrency trading

Most popular cryptocurrency CFDs

Bitcoin vs. US Dollar
Bitcoin (EUR)
Bitcoin vs. Euro
Bitcoin (JPY)
Bitcoin vs. Japanese Yen
Ethereum (EUR)
Ethereum vs. Euro
Ethereum (JPY)
Ethereum vs. Japanese Yen
Litecoin vs. US Dollar
Litecoin (EUR)
Litecoin vs. Euro
Litecoin (JPY)
Litecoin vs. Japanese Yen
Ripple vs. US Dollar
Ripple (EUR)
Ripple vs. Euro
Ripple (JPY)
Ripple vs. Japanese Yen