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Commodity CFD Trading

Commodity trading overview

The commodity market has been in existence since the dawn of history. Silver, gold, sugar and wheat have been traded across the world for many centuries, and have later been joined by more modern commodities such as oil, natural gas and soybeans. Today, many people choose to trade the price of commodities, in the form of CFDs.
You can obtain information about these commodities from the news, financial sites or various economic reports, and use this knowledge to assess both opportunities and risks. This allows you to make more informed trading decisions.

Trading commodities in the form of CFDs

Years ago, if you wanted to trade oil or gold, for example, you had to purchase barrels or bars and keep them in a safe place until you wanted to sell them. Today, people no longer have to own and store the commodities they want to trade. Instead, they can choose to trade them online, through their PC or mobile, in the form of CFDs.
There are many different commodity CFDs available at Vestle including precious metals (such as gold or silver), energy (such as WTI oil or natural gas) and agricultural commodities (such as coffee or corn). You can choose to trade just one commodity, or,  if you prefer, choose portfolio diversification by trading instruments from various categories.

Commodity trading overview

Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
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Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change
Instrument Sell Buy Change

Short trading vs. long trading

What happens if you think the price of a specific commodity is going to decrease, rather than increase? Well, when you trade commodities in the form of CFDs, you can take advantage of every change in price - up or down. You can choose to ‘Buy’ (long) or ‘Sell’ (short), trading in any direction, depending on whether you believe that the specific commodity will lose or gain value.

Opening a commodity CFD deal with Vestle

With the Vestle trading platforms and mobile app, you can trade via any PC, smartphone or tablet. Want to open a deal on commodity CFDs? Simply…
  1. Choose a commodity CFD
  2. Set your deal size
  3. Choose direction (Buy or Sell)
  4. Open your deal 
Remember: You can also set limit orders such as Take Profit and Stop Loss.
On our platform, you will find all of the trading tools you need in order to open, manage and monitor multiple deals. We also provide our clients with a wide array of information resources including an updated Economic Calendar, market indicators and live rates.

Factors that could affect commodity prices include:

  • The weather
  • Natural disasters
  • Consumers’ preferences
  • Geopolitical events
  • Technological advancements
  • Changes in taxation 
Factors that could affect commodity prices include:

Leveraged commodity trading

When you trade commodity CFDs with Vestle, you can choose to use leverage. Leverage is a very popular tool among traders, since it allows you to increase your trading power, as well as risk.
Here’s a quick example:
With a €500 investment, you can open a deal worth up to €5,000 using leverage of 10:1.
Leverage enables you to open large deals with a relatively small investment, but remember that since it’s also risky, this trading tool needs to be used only with sufficient experience and training.

Leveraged commodity trading

Most popular commodity CFDs

Brent Oil
Brent Crude Oil (vs. US Dollar)
Cocoa (vs. US Dollar)
Coffee C (vs. US Dollar)
Copper (vs. US Dollar)
Corn (vs. US Dollar)
Cotton No. 2 (vs. US Dollar)
Gasoline RBOB (vs. US Dollar)
Gold (Spot) oz. vs. US Dollar
Gold (EUR)
Gold (Spot) oz. vs. Euro
Heating Oil
Heating Oil NY Harbor ULSD (vs. US Dollar)
Natural Gas
Henry Hub Natural Gas (vs. US Dollar)
Palladium (vs. US Dollar)
Platinum (Spot) oz. vs. US Dollar
Silver (Spot) oz. vs. US Dollar
Soybeans (vs. US Dollar)
Sugar No. 11 (vs. US Dollar)
Light Sweet Crude Oil (vs. US Dollar)
Wheat (vs. US Dollar)